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Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy
 Topplant-Eng exercises maximum caution in handling personal information of customers.
Topplant-Eng has set forth a policy concerning handling of personal information as follows and continues to improve the policy to enhance protection of personal information of customers.
 This policy applies to cases where customers utilize the Internet services (gServicesh) provided by Topplant-Eng.
(1) Topplant-Eng may ask about the following personal information, but limited to the information that is necessary for the user to use the Services:
*Customerfs name, e-mail address, postal code, address, telephone number, etc.
(2) Topplant-Eng controls personal information appropriately and strictly and provides preventive and security measures to prevent illegal access to, loss and leak of personal information.
(3) Topplant-Eng may use personal information for such purposes as communicating with customers.
(4) Topplant-Eng will never sell or lend personal information to any third party.
(5) Topplant-Eng will not provide or disclose personal information to a third party except in the following cases:
1) Prior agreement or consent has been obtained from the customer.
2) Disclosing or providing personal information to the extent necessary for the Services of Topplant-Eng to companies or other organizations with which Topplant-Eng has concluded a confidentiality agreement.
3) It is determined appropriate that companies or other organizations with which Topplant-Eng has concluded a confidentiality agreement contact the customer directly to reply to inquiries from the customer.
4) Providing or disclosing personal information is required by laws or ordinance.
5) Providing personal information in such a manner that personal identification is not possible.
(6) When the customer makes reference to, confirmation or request of change to its own personal information, Topplant-Eng will take action promptly.
(7) Topplant-Eng observes the laws and ordinance pertaining to the production of personal information.
(8) Topplant-Eng continues to improve its protection and handling of personal information.

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