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3-Direction Roll Diameter Reduction Machine
Rotary Swaging Machines
20-High Rolling Mills for Very Thin Foils
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 TOPPLANT-ENG specializes in design and fabrication of rolling mills and associated peripheral equipment.
 In particular, we have achievements and experience of more than 40 years in the field of medium to small precision rolling mills. We have been producing a numerous number of rolling mills for electronic and automotive parts. Our present major products include advanced machinery for thin plate rolling and wire rolling of Li, Ti and its alloy and Mg alloy.
 We have a highly valued original design theory for machines to roll very thin sheets less than 5 mm and highly precise irregular-shaped wires.
 Our multi-tandem rolling mills for difficult-to-roll materials such as Ti and Ta alloy wires, together with the 3-direction twin stage roller dies, are protected by Japanese and international patents.
 The swaging machine for tip preparation, essential work for wire drawing, employs unique features and (patented) structure, which is highly evaluated on the market.
 Our policy is to keep developing and improving technologies so that we can remain at the forefront in the industry.
 If you have any problems in metal plastic working, please contact us. We are sure you will get our full support.

(Patents: 15 Japanese patents, 7 international patents)

Established:August 2001
Capital:10 million yen
Employees:23 (As of April 2008)
Bank references:Mobara Branch, The Choshi Shinkin Bank Ltd.
Mobara Branch, The Keiyo Bank, Ltd.
Chiba Branch, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Representative:Ken Isozaki
(Sales Engineering, Electrical)
Representative:Atsushi Isozaki
(Design, Manufacturing)
Advisor:Iwao Isozaki
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Head Office: 1970-1 Sangaya, Mobara City, Chiba 297-0042, Japan
Tel: +81-475-27-7387
Fax: +81-475-27-7388
Plant:1970-1 Sangaya, Mobara City, Chiba 297-0042, Japan
Tel: +81-475-26-3873
Fax: +81-475-26-3879

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TOPPLANT-ENG Co LTD  1970-1 Sangaya, Mobara City, Chiba 297-0042, Japan
TEL +81 475-27-7387  FAX +81 475-27-7388