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Rolling Mills for Flat Wires and Irregular-Shaped Wires

 Mills to produce flat wires and irregular-shaped wires from round wires (and square wires).
Our experience includes large mills for workpieces up to 40 dia.(cold SUS304) and 75 dia. (hot SKD-11).
In addition to 2-high mills for flat wires, Turks heads and flat wire 4-direction roll units are available.

 The 4-direction roll unit uses the stand of the 2-high rolling mill and the roll chok and roll are exchanged as a unit.
The use of this unit provides the performance of a powerful drive type 4-direction mill, making this machine suitable for rolling irregular-shaped wires close to rectangular wires.
For higher accuracy of width and thickness, the following accuracy has been realized by employing the special precision edger roll.

Width accuracy:+-0.0025[mm] W nearly equal 3.00[mm]
Thickness accuracy:+-0.0025[mm] T nearly equal 0.55[mm]
Rolling speed:200 m/min. max.

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220D/220D Type 4-Direction Milling Machine(Angle Adjustable)
220D-4R-HV-6ST irregular-shaped wire rolling mill
Precision tandem irregular-shaped wire rolling mill

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